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A travel portal dedicated only to the best Egypt and Jordan combined tours. At Egypt and Jordan Tours you will find a variety of packages that contemplate different durations and activities. And, if you still don’t find exactly what you want, no worries: we can customize the perfect tour for you! Check out everything we have to offer and why you should book with us for your next adventure!



We believe in expertise for the best results, hence our special tours for only Egypt and Jordan for fantastic experiences. We have a solid network of professional agents and partners and we can offer a flawless service in every aspect of your trip. Our expertise is confirmed in numbers: up to the present time, we have organized and sold more than 205.000 tours and cruises.

The Best Prices

Expect great value for money and flexibility because our tours can be customized to meet your needs. The cost of our tour packages are on average 15% less than similar packages offered by other tour operators. 

Extensive experience

We love what we do and we have done what we love for over 65 years: experience and sensibility allow us to better understand our audience and customers. That said, we are proud to make our staff available 24h/7 and to offer our services in 9 other languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Russian and German).


Well, why not? Every place has its beauty and its own story to tell, and there is so much to see and experience in Egypt and Jordan that only through special attention can we cover all the possibilities they offer!


Discover Egypt: the buzzling Cairo; the Hellenist Alexandria; the vastness of deserts, rivers and seas; the delicious food; the temples and other ancient monuments; the welcoming people. To sum up, discover an exotic and wonderful place that will always be an exciting choice.

  • The Land of the Pharaohs: Ancient Temples, Pyramids, Sphinxes, and the Pyramids of Giza are in Egypt. 
  • Wide range of options from desert to sea: see unique rock formations in Bahariya Oasis and the Black and White desert; in Siwa you will find a very special oasis, and the ruins of Shali Fortress will tell you the story of a city from the 13th century.  
  • Red Sea: Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam and others are fantastic resorts with crystalline waters and corals, a favourite spot for scuba diving! 
  • Nile River: an attraction in itself. Sail on the longest river in the world while visiting the Ancient Temples between Luxor and Aswan. A true Egyptian experience!
  • Feel at home: hospitality is part of Egyptian culture. Enjoy a warm welcome from the people who always want to make you feel comfortable. 


Jordan is one of those places hard to define in few words; it is mysterious, interesting, fascinating and rich all together. It needs to be experienced with our own eyes, so visit Jordan and take home memories that are more than you could ever imagine!

  • Fall in love with the ruins of Jerash: an Ancient Roman city that even though 2 thousand years have passed since it flourished, it still offers a number of temples, arches, and columns to be admired.
  • Wonderful Petra: unknown to the world for centuries, but finally rediscovered is 1812. The hidden “rose-red city” is a paradise of monuments carved out of rock and holds a well-deserved UNESCO World Heritage site title. 
  • Float on the Dead Sea: because of the high level of salinity it is impossible to sink on its waters, and visitors have a lot of fun trying! 
  • Mount Nebo: it is believed to be from here where Moses first gazed upon the Promised Land. From here you can admire the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea and parts of Jerusalem. 
  • Religious attractions: such as Madaba, home of the famous Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George, which owns the oldest mosaic map in the world of the Promised Land.
  • The desert of Wadi Rum: a breath taking view! If you decide to camp in Wadi Rum, you shall never regret it; the landscape is from a movie – literally! Some movies that were filmed in Wadi Rum are: Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars, and Transformers, just to mention few.  


To deliver a complete and unique tour-oriented experience in Egypt and Jordan that covers every aspect of our customer’s requirements, whether it is focused on culture, nature, gastronomy, relaxation, beaches, budget, luxury, etc. 


To be the number 1 choice for Egypt and Jordan Tours and to invite more travellers to discover all that these wonderful places have to offer.


Outstanding Quality Service

This is a specialized service, therefore every single detail counts to providing exceptional services and solutions to our clients. We cover all aspects of your trip from the moment of your enquiry, to your departure back home.

Making it easy for our clients

A hassle-free trip in every aspect. We provide free travel insurance (10,000 USD) during your trip to Egypt; give detailed information to travellers prior to traveling so everyone feels 100% secure about their choices; and we also provide the necessary accessibility to disabled travellers.

Involving the community

All our tours are run by local tour guides, local drivers and local staff members, and we strive for our employees’ success by paying for courses that will enhance their career in the sector. But community is not just about those within Tourism, and we are happy to be a member of the Misr Al Mahrusa Organization, a charitable NGO that does an amazing job raising and educating orphans. When clients book a tour with us, they are contributing to the future of a child in need.

Environmental responsibility

We have a zero litter policy, meaning that not even a single piece of paper can be left behind at any of the sites/areas we visit. Our modern air-conditioned vehicles also have special environmental filters on their exhaust pipes, and under no circumstance do we allow visitors to remove, or even touch coral reef during snorkelling and/or SCUBA diving excursions. We support eco-friendly resorts and hotels, and are willing to partner with more of them as new establishments and camps of this type are built.