Travel safely And Luxuriously in Egypt and Jordan – at an affordable price

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The Key Characteristic of your guides

They are attentive and alert

– and always focus on you, your questions, and your concerns.

They speak your language

– so you know exactly what they are saying and showing you.

They are knowledgeable

– and know how to convey their knowledge in an exciting way.

You are the star of your own Egypt and Jordan expedition

With the help of our local guides and drivers – and your meticulously planned itinerary – you can experience Egypt and Jordan’s proud history first hand

It is natural to feel insecure when you don’t know the language or understand the culture

As a foreigner in a country with a culture and language that is very different from your own, it is natural to end up getting lost or land in what you find to be an unpleasant situation.

Therefore, most people don’t have the courage to travel to more exotic countries like Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Kenya, or India.

Never stand alone

But with a local guide that speaks the language you know, and a private chauffeur with a luxurious vehicle, you are never left to yourself or end up in situations that create anxiety.

Furthermore, you receive a much better and more detailed understanding of all the famous sites you visit, as well as experiencing all the hidden gems that only a local guide will know.

Get the Egypt and Jordan tour of your dreams

You will be the hero that leads your Egypt and Jordan expedition, and experience all the sites and places that you heard about in school and have seen on TV, as well as the local markets, restaurants and other experiences that regular tourists never find.

This will give you a much more exciting and enriched experience of the sights you always wanted to see. You’ll also have the opportunity to experience it all at a pace and at a level of detail that meets the interests of you and any travel companions.

The best of the best

With, you can travel safely and luxuriously in Egypt and Jordan at an affordable price – and come home with memories that stay with you for a lifetime from all the ancient sites as well as a much better understanding of the culture and lifestyle of modern Egypt as well as Jordan.

Every day our guides and chaffeurs

Meet you on time

– so you are never left alone or have to worry about anything.

Are always updated

– on the sites, routes, and security of the places you go to.

Focus on you

– so you get a tour of Egypt and Jordan that exceeds your expectations.

Why Us? is created by seasoned experts from the travel industry who know all the challenges you may face in a culture that is very different from your own.


We believe in expertise for the best results, hence our special tours for only Egypt and Jordan for fantastic experiences. We have a solid network of professional agents and partners and we can offer a flawless service in every aspect of your trip. Our expertise is confirmed in numbers: up to the present time, we have organized and sold more than 205.000 tours and cruises.

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Expect great value for money and flexibility because our tours can be customized to meet your needs. The cost of our tour packages are on average 15% less than similar packages offered by other tour operators.

Extensive experience

We love what we do and we have done what we love for over 65 years: experience and sensibility allow us to better understand our audience and customers. That said, we are proud to make our staff available 24h/7 and to offer our services in 9 other languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Russian and German).

What People Say About Us

– voted Tripadvisor’s Travellers’ Choice in 2020 and 2021.

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