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Build your own tour or select one of our tour packages for Egypt and Jordan.

Private guide, driver & vehicle

Personal expert tour guide and air-conditioned deluxe vehicle with a private driver.

We speak your language

Our online tour consultants and expert tour guides are fluent in several languages.

Make the best memories for life

– of all the historical places and all the secrets that regular tourists will never see.

200,000 dream trips to Egypt

We are proud to have provided half a million people with the tour of their life.

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Awarded TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice in both 2020 and 2021. So expect always the best!

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We are ready to answer your questions and help with travel arrangements 24/7. 

You are always in the best hands

– of our knowledgeable guides and private drivers.

No need to worry

We know that most people find it difficult to travel to a country with a foreign culture and language.

That is why we provide local guides with expert-level knowledge of all the historical places. Our guides speak the language you do, and are always at your side, no matter where you want to go.

We also provide you with a personal driver who will drive you around in a first-class, air-conditioned vehicle from the moment you arrive at the airport until the moment you leave Egypt or Jordan.

The best memories of Egypt and Jordan

At Egypt And Jordan Tours, we are proud to have provided more than 500,000 happy travelers with the dream tour of their lives to Egypt and all the exciting countries that lie just around it.

Build your tour in any way you like or choose from our tour packages, that show you all the historical places and all those fantastic hidden places that many tourists never find.

This gives you a totally unique and exciting tour of Egypt and Jordan which you will remember for the rest of your life.

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– voted Tripadvisor’s Travellers’ Choice in 2020 and 2021.

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Create Your Custom Egypt and Jordan Tour 

Awe-inspiring Pyramids, breathtaking rock-cut cities, mysterious Pharaohs, temples & luxurious Nile cruises – explore them all or create your own epic vacation!

Tailor-Made Travel Packages

Established in 1955, we are experts in personalized and classic Egypt and Jordan tours and vacation travel packages.

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You will be guided by a local expert and private driver ensuring you discover the very best of attractions and culture.

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Voted Tripadvisor’s Travellers’ Choice as excellence in customer services is our core philosophy – your wish is our command!

The many benefits of private
Egypt and Jordan Tours

It is not just about comfort and safety.

Everything is possible

With a private guided Egypt and Jordan tour, nearly everything is possible.

Imagine yourself at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, assisted by a qualified expert tour guide who carefully answers questions and takes the time to explain Egypt’s long and colorful past.

Imagine yourself traveling back in time as you stroll along a deep and narrow rock gorge that was transformed into a magnificent rock-cut city; an entire ancient city carved out of the canyon’s steep sandstone cliffs by a tribe of nomadic Nabatean Arabs during the 6th-century BC.

Finally, picture yourself and your dearest friends mounting the highest steps of one of the legendary Giza pyramids to enjoy the splendid scenery spread out around you. Or imagine stepping into the ancient tomb of one of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs, King Tutankhamen.

What would an exciting Egypt and Jordan tour adventure look like for you?

To go where you have always wanted

Monuments like the Giza Pyramids, the Abu Simbel Temples, and Valley of Kings are breathtaking sites which every visitor to Egypt should see. The same applies to the magnificent rock-cut Rose Red City of Petra when visiting Jordan.

Most Egypt and Jordan tours include visits to all these sites and more. However, with private Egypt and Jordan tours you can see and do so much more.

Go diving in the Red Sea; float on the Dead Sea; go sailing down the majestic Nile River – anything and everything is possible!

The many benefits of a private tour

The undeniable benefit of a private Egypt and Jordan tour is the level of service provided. 

A good quality private tour essentially provides you with a bespoke VIP experience, giving you the undivided attention and assistance of your guide and driver throughout your stay. This really makes for a remarkable experience at many levels.

For example, a private Egypt and Jordan tour guide will:

  • Accompany guests on visits to marketplaces, helping them to negotiate prices for their purchases,
  • Give details that guidebooks don’t,
  • Prevent problems experienced due to language barriers. 

Above all, a good personal guide will make certain that each member of your Egypt and Jordan tour is happy and comfortable.

Private Egypt and Jordan tours are not expensive

At Egypt And Jordan Tours, all our travel packages are private and flexible. This means that all tours can be altered and tailored to fit your exact needs. 

Alternatively, we offer custom tours that you can create yourself. Here, you can choose whether you want to stand before the Giza Pyramids in Cairo, stroll among the ancient tombs, temples, and ruins in Luxor, go sailing along the Nile in the lap of luxury or tour the majestic wonders of Petra.

We can make nearly anything happen with an Egypt and Jordan tour that will leave you with lifelong memories – guaranteed!

So, travel to the cradle of human civilization with us, and explore Egypt and Jordan your way with our flexible private guided tours.

FAQ: Egypt and Jordan Tours

Is it Safe to Tour Egypt and Jordan?

Yes, but as in all countries, taking a few basic safety precautions is recommended. For example, avoid dark and deserted areas if you are traveling alone, and especially if you are a woman.

What Do Tourists Wear in Egypt and Jordan?

Tourists are free to wear whatever they want in both countries, although women are required to cover their hair and shoulders if or when entering a mosque.

Because of the weather, many tourists opt for wearing light-colored and lightweight slacks and shirts since these are comfortable and offer good protection against sunburn.

How Much Does a Trip to Egypt and Jordan Cost?

For a good quality 7-day private guided tour, expect to pay about $1,000. For longer and more immersive tours, and those including a Nile River cruise, prices start at around $1,700.

The prices quoted above relate to high quality tours that include private guides and drivers, along with 4 or 5-star hotel accommodation, and 5-star Nile River cruises.

What to pack for an Egypt and Jordan tour?

This depends on your personal travel style. In addition to your clothing, we recommend packing in a good pair of sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat and a good quality sunscreen lotion.

Design Your Custom Tour

Explore Egypt and Jordan your way by selecting only the attractions you want to visit!