From Egypt to Jordan – The Ultimate Guide for Crossing Borders between Egypt and Jordan, and Israel

Find out everything you need to know about crossing borders between Egypt, Jordan, and Israel. Plan your trip from Egypt to Jordan in advance and travel with confidence.

Crossing Borders - from Egypt to Jordan

From Egypt to Jordan – And Beyond

While Jordan certainly cannot compete with Egypt when it comes to ancient monuments, it still has so much to offer for those who want to venture beyond Egypt. The Rose City of Petra, or the Lost City of Petra, as it is often called, is one of the most breathtaking tourist sites in the world.

Egypt has been a top tourist destination for many decades already, but once news of the Rose City of Petra reached the world, Jordan suddenly found itself firmly on the tourist map as well. In times gone by, people would visit Egypt and then return home. These days, many choose to visit Jordan as well, with many also visiting Israel and even Dubai during their Middle East trip.

How easy it for travelers to cross from Egypt into Jordan? Let’s take a closer look at which countries border Egypt, and which countries border Jordan.

Which Countries Border Egypt?

Egypt shares a land border with three different countries. To the west, you have the Egypt-Libya border. To the south, you have the Egypt-Sudan border, and to the northeast you have the Egypt-Israel border. In the north Egypt borders the Mediterranean Sea, and to the west it borders the Red Sea.

Which Countries Border Jordan?

Jordan shares its borders with four different countries. To the north, you have the Jordan-Syrian border; to the east you have the Jordan-Iraq border; to the south you have the Jordan-Saudi Arabia border, and to the west you have the Jordan-Israel border.

Egypt does not border Jordan. The shortest distance between Egypt and Jordan is only 675 kilometers. However, the shortest travel distance from Egypt to Jordan is approximately 925 kilometers.

Even though Egypt does not share a border with Jordan, it is still possible to travel from Egypt to Jordan by road, but you will have to pass through Israel. Since Egypt, Jordan and Israel all have friendly borders it is easy to cross from one country to the next.

What is the Best Way to Get from Egypt to Jordan?

Some people believe that flying is the best way to get from Egypt to Jordan, while others prefer to travel by road or by ferry. At the end of the day, it really all depends on your personal travel style, your budget, and how much time you have.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the three options available:

1. From Egypt to Jordan by Air

A lot of people choose to fly from Egypt to Jordan. Flights from Cairo international Airport to Queen Alia International Airport in Amman are relatively cheap. A flight between these two capital cities typically takes about 1h and 20m, and there are several flights every day. Flying from Cairo to Amman is affordable, quick and very convenient.

One can also fly direct from Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt to Amman in Jordan. However, there are not as many flight options available, so most people fly from Cairo.

2. From Egypt to Jordan by Road

While there are no land border crossings between Egypt and Jordan, you can still travel from Egypt to Jordan by road. In fact, this is a popular choice among backpackers and people who have time to spare. Many people also see this as a more rewarding and more memorable option.

Traveling from Egypt to Jordan by road involves two border crossings. First, you will need to make your way through the Sinai Peninsula to the Egyptian border, to a town called Taba which is located at the Egypt-Israel border. You then cross the border from Taba in Egypt to Eilat in Israel. From Eilat, you can take a taxi to the Israel-Jordan border crossing.

Once you cross the border into Jordan, you can then take a taxi to Amman or Petra depending on your personal travel plans. Just be aware of the fact that taxis in Israel and Jordan are not as cheap as they are in Egypt. You should also be aware of the fact that Israel charges visitors an exit fee when they depart from Israel.

The Israeli exit fee is the equivalent of around US$27 and you will need to pay this at the border before crossing into Jordan. Each time you enter the country, you are charged an exit fee when you leave. So, if you plan on returning to Egypt via the same route, you will have to pay a second exit fee before you cross the Israel-Egypt border.

3. From Egypt to Jordan by Sea

One can get a ferry from Taba in Egypt to Aqaba in Jordan. You can also get a ferry from Nuweiba in Egypt to Aqaba. However, this crossing takes slightly longer than the Taba-Aqaba crossing. While many locals use and rely on ferry crossings, they are not the most popular choice among foreign tourists.

At the time of writing (May 2022), a round trip on the Taba-Aqaba ferry cost US$80, while a round trip on the Nuweiba ferry cost US$90. 

Egyptian-Israeli border with Jordan in the distance

Three countries in one image. Egypt, Israel and Jordan. Egyptian-Israeli border. In the distance – the port of Aqaba, Jordan.

How Safe are the Egypt, Israel and Jordan Borders?

To get from Egypt to the Egypt-Israel border by road, you will need to travel through the Sinai Peninsula. In north Sinai the Egyptian authorities make heavy use of checkpoints that are manned by the armed forces. You will likely also see Israeli forces on the Israeli side at any and all border crossings.

Must You Have an Israeli Visa to Travel to Jordan by Road?

Because Egypt does not border Jordan, the only way to get to Jordan by road is to travel via Israel. Even though you could literally walk from the Eilat border crossing to the Israel-Jordan border crossing, you will still need a visa for Israel.

Foreign citizens from most Western countries can purchase a tourist visa at the border for the equivalent of about US$25. Although it is not impossible, it is unlikely that you will get an Israeli entry stamp in your passport. Israeli stamps have for the most part been replaced by entry and exit cards.

Foreign citizens from most Western countries are also able to obtain their Jordan visa on arrival at the Jordan River border crossing. Bear in mind that if you intend returning to Egypt by road, you will need to get another tourist visa for Israel on your return journey.

From Egypt to Jordan by Air vs. Egypt to Jordan by Road

Because Egypt does not border Jordan, flying from one to the other eliminates the need for you to travel via Israel. This in turn means you won’t have to pay for an Israeli visa and you won’t have to pay any exit fees either unless you choose to visit Israel after you have seen all the major tourist sites in Jordan.

Flying from Egypt to Jordan is far quicker. You can get from Egypt to Jordan in less than two hours. By contrast, if you travel by road via Israel the journey is likely to take you anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. The trip will also cost nearly as much, if not more than flying. With that having been said, road trips like this can also be a great deal of fun.

Israeli Stamps and Travel Restrictions

Because Egypt and Jordan don’t share a border, the way you can get from one to the other by road, is by traveling via Israel. Having an Israeli entry stamp in your passport could see you being blocked from entering certain Muslim countries. Neither the Egyptian government nor the Jordanian government has any such policies in place.

Additionally, the Israeli authorities have stopped stamping people’s passports. Instead, they issue visitors with a piece of paper known as a Blue Slip, which in turn acts as your visa. You should carry your passport and your Blue Slip with you at all times because you will be asked for them if you are stopped at any checkpoints in Israel, and also when you depart.

Before Setting Off on your Road Trip

If you are planning to travel from Egypt to Jordan by road and you plan on using the Eilat-Aqaba border crossing, there are a few things you need to be aware of. This border crossing, also known as the Yitzhak Rabin Border Crossing, is not open every day. Instead, it is open from Sunday to Thursday, from 06h30 to 15h30. It is also closed on Yom Kippur and on the first day of the Muslim New Year.

Also, entry rules for foreign tourists are prone to change. For example, even though you may qualify for a Jordan visa on arrival, this might not be possible at this particular border crossing when you arrive. If you want to make the trip by road, it would be a safer bet to head straight for the Jordan River Crossing or the King Hussein border crossing which is located approximately 30 km from Jerusalem.

Frequently asked questions

Does Egypt border Jordan?

Not quite. Egypt and Jordan don’t share a physical land border. To get from Egypt into Jordan, you either have to fly, travel by road via Israel, or take a ferry.

What Are The Countries That Border Egypt?

Egypt shares a land border with three different countries. It shares a border with Libya to the west, a border with Sudan to the south, and a border with Israel in the northeast.

Does Egypt Border Israel?

Yes, Egypt and Israel share a relatively long stretch of border with a number of border crossings, including the King Hussein Bridge Crossing, the Jordan River Border Crossing, and the Aqaba crossing.

What Bodies Of Water Border Egypt?

Egypt borders two bodies of water. To the north it borders the Mediterranean Sea, and to the east it borders the Red Sea.

Which Countries Border Egypt in the West and South?

To the west, Egypt shares a border with Libya. To the south it shares its border with Sudan. However, there’s a bit of a border dispute concerning the exact location of this border.

What Countries Border Jordan?

Jordan shares borders with Syria to the north, Iraq to the east, Saudi Arabia to the south, and Israel to the west.

Does Jordan Border The Mediterranean Sea?

No, Jordan has no Mediterranean Sea coastline. It only has a relatively small area of land bordering the Red Sea.

Is Jordan Israel Border Open?

Yes, at the time of writing, all of the official border crossings between Jordan and Israel were open.

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